• Pierrot

Client n/a

Date 1990


This is one of my very first paintings. I was 9 years old. This is gouache on Canson® paper.

I still remember very clearly painting it with my very first set of short sable hairs paintbrushes; the hours spent on the eyes to bring them to life by trying to render the myriad of reflections which convey the wetness and blueness of the white. Was I showing early signs of the perfectionism that still drives me today?

Pierrot is a hypocorism of Pierre or Peter, little Petey etc... Pierrot character was originally created as a fool for Harlequin; he has evolved through clown history into a melancholy dreamer that hides his pain from others except for the lone teardrop below his eye.

The original Pierrot characters did not use makeup. He would powder or flour his face. He would wear a white loose fitting blouse or tunic with large buttons and puffy sleeves. Over time, the typical hats of the past were replaced with a black scull cap.

The Pierrot that was introduced in the French Théâtre was strictly Mime. He used no speech only using his arms and a wide range of facial expressions for his act.