• Menu board

Client Como Una Volta

Date 2009

Menu board

Acrylic on black board.

I came about designing and painting this menu board for my dear friend Max, for his 40th birthday.

Originally from Milan(Genoa), Max has exported his Italian flair to Barcelona where he has set up his own little café, Como una Volta.

Being located in Barcelona, I could only inspire myself from the art nouveau. The pose of the woman is a direct inspiration from the work of the famous artist Alfons Mucha. The top of the woman is inspired from one of his poster advertising Lefevre-Utile biscuits, the bottom is inspired by his Autumn character from his representation of the four seasons. My friend Max is an unconditional Coca Cola fan, so instead of holding a tray of biscuit, my character is offering a vintage Coca Cola bottle and glass.

The logo of the café is a tomato surrounded by a cloth: In the background, I have represented a tomato plant in the art nouveau style.

This painting was technically challenging as I had to paint on a black surface and light would not bounce back and the support had little absorption as well.

Next time you visit Barcelona, stop by: the café is centrally located and is very popular, naturally, for his Italian dishes, but in particular for the delicious handmade cakes. Come Una Volta

Menu board